Virginia: Help on Wings

Virginia: Help on Wings Mercy Medical Angels


Help Needed

Virginia lives in Oklahoma. She has a musculoskeletal condition called dropped head syndrome. The condition is very rare. Because of this, it’s hard for Virginia to find treatment. “We went to several doctors in the Tulsa and Fort Smith areas to try and get help,” said Virginia’s daughter, Tina. “None of the doctors have been able to help her.”

A specialist at Baylor University could help Virginia. Unfortunately, her journey to healing was full of roadblocks. “My mom is on a fixed income,” said Tina. “She can’t afford the commercial airline tickets to get her and myself to the doctor in Houston.” Also, dropped head syndrome severely limits Virginia’s mobility. As a result, she would need accommodations at the airport.

Flight to Healing

Luckily, Mercy Medical Angels and Hogan Foundation helped Virginia fly past the obstacles. Mercy Medical Angels arranged a flight for Virginia and Tina. Hogan Foundation covered the cost of the tickets.

They also made accommodations for Virginia’s limited mobility. “My mom was taken to and from gates in a wheelchair by courteous people,” said Tina.

“It was a very good experience for us.”

Baylor University

Once at Baylor University, the specialists ordered tests for Virginia. They managed to determine the exact nature of her condition. When the tests were complete, they made a treatment plan. Virginia finally got the help she needed.

Virginia will have to fly to and from Baylor University again. As treatment continues,Mercy Medical Angels and Hogan Foundation will continue to help her.

“So Blessed With Help”

Tina says that the flight was “great.” She adds that it would have been impossible to get treatment for Virginia without the assistance from Mercy Medical Angels and Hogan Foundation.

“We were so blessed with Mercy Medical Angels’ and Hogan Foundation’s help,” said Tina. “Taking care of my mom is a high priority. Mercy Medical Angels and Hogan Foundation helped me to provide what she needed. Thank you so much!”

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