Stories from Grateful Patients: Julia

Stories from Grateful Patients: Julia Mercy Medical Angels

Dear Volunteer Pilots,

I so appreciate your willingness in flying me to my 2 doctor appointments at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, VA on July 11, 2017. There are very few lovely individuals who would extend their invitation to help a person-in-need to the extent you have for me. Your desire to help a total stranger is awesome to behold. Thank you for your kindness, your time and your generosity in sharing your day and airplane with me.

A car accident in 2002 left me disabled at 39 years old and unable to drive. It left me with a head injury and memory problems as welt as chronic and severe pain. I have had the difficult process of transitioning from a very capable person to one which must rely on others for some of the most basic of tasks; those that most people don’t realize their luxury of doing independently. Giving up driving was especially hard for me. It took away my impulsiveness and left me struggling with dependence on others.

My retired father, Thomas, devotedly assumed the position of being my “driver” whenever I needed to go to the local market or farther – to my physicians at the University of Virginia. When he passed away in August of 2016, I lost more than just a terrific, loving father. As for my mother, she is too old now and incapable of making long drives. Sometimes I see her memory fleeting.

There is one thing I want you to know – flying on that medical trip was so exciting for me! I cannot remember a time when going to the doctor was reflected with a smile on my face. Thank you for the time you took out of your day, away from your obligations, to fly me to Charlottesville, VA. Thank you for paying the expenses that were incurred to fly me, I realize it cost more than a simple tank of gasoline. If there is something that I may do in return to help you and your team, please call me.

My hand surgery on my right arm went well and I have just completed all my physical therapy sessions. I wanted to be able to type this letter so I could show both my “Angel Pilots” what their volunteering provided for me. I now have a right hand that equals the agility and strength of my left one, and the pain is gone. What a blessing to me! As for my neurology appointments, there will always be an on-going necessity for continual brain monitoring, so my visits to my doctors at UVA Hospital will continue.

Kind Regards,


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