Nicole: In The Winner’s Circle

Nicole: In The Winner’s Circle Mercy Medical Angels

Struggling with Autoimmune Disease

Nicole lives in Kentucky. The state is home to horse racing and boasts beautiful scenery. However, Nicole’s life isn’t easy. She has two forms of autoimmune disease, both of which harm her liver.

Race Against Time with Autoimmune Disease

A living donor transplant would give Nicole the best shot at healing from the autoimmune disease. Her sister was a match. “My sister is a hero,” said Nicole, “and gave me the gift of life by sharing half her liver.”

But living donor transplants are unavailable in Kentucky. Nicole would have to fly to University of Maryland in Baltimore. “I have been out of work due to my illness,” said Nicole. “And medical expenses rack up.”

With her medical costs rising, Nicole couldn’t afford the airfare to Baltimore. She was racing against time.

Flying Free

That was when Nicole found out about Mercy Medical Angels. Through a partnership with Southwest, Nicole was able to fly to Baltimore.

“My transplant team is in Baltimore,” said Nicole, “and they are able to handle my complicated medical case.”
When she got to the airport, Mercy Medical Angels coordinated with Southwest so she could have a wheelchair. She needed to do all her traveling on the same day as her appointment. Mercy Medical Angels and the airline accommodated for this as well.

Winner’s Circle

Thankfully for Nicole, the living donor transplant was successful. Her autoimmune disease is under control. Best of all, she’s on the way to healing.

She’s grateful for the assistance that Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest provided. “Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest saved the day, three times now!”

When autoimmune disease affects someone’s life, it can seem like they’re losing a race. Thanks to Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest, patients like Nicole have a chance to stand in the winner’s circle.

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